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In the age of analytics, data is the new oil. DataPlume can help you strike it rich!
Having access to the latest information and the appropriate tools to spot major trends in time are necessary preconditions for success in the 21st century.

Embrace Data Analytics
and Unlock New Opportunities 

Arising from smarter use of technology and information science – that’s the only way to stay a step ahead of your competitors in the modern marketplace.


Data preparation is one of the most important steps in data science life-cycle, and at DataPlume we have the ability to handle multiple information streams, including both online and offline channels. That way, we can combine social media conversations (i.e. social media profile data) with objective facts (i.e. demographics for a certain area) into a powerful mix that holds answers to many important questions. To make this assortment of data internally compatible and suitable for analytic purposes, we use a variety of statistical procedures for data preparation and


The value of information is quickly increasing, and organizations in many different industries can benefit from professional data science services delivered by a team of top professionals. We have the expertise to take care of the data flow from one end to another, creating a robust model and updating it as new input becomes available. In addition to using the full gamut of traditional statistical methods, we are well equipped to design and operate deep learning algorithms that improve their performance as they are exposed to training examples. 


Raw numbers mean very little without proper business context, which is why we invest a lot of time to understand the background of each project before setting up the data model. Trends have to be analyzed within the natural business ecosystem in which they occur, with respect to many interlocking factors that affect the outcomes. Only by tracking a large number of relevant variables and their mutual relationships it becomes possible to understand the true meaning of statistics. Comprehensive monitoring of the data realm with quickly reveal any activity that breaks out from the norm, so we are also able to identify security or privacy threats at an early stage before they make any tangible damage.
Some of the key advantages of working
with a professional data lab include:
Vastly increased capacity for data preparation and processing
Leveraging AI capacities to solve difficult problems

Proactive approach to understanding the viewpoints of the customers
Precise and up-to-date insight into any data-driven area of interest
Access to user-friendly data reports with key trends visually highlighted
Customized service that takes unique needs of your organization into account
Objective framework for evaluation of business and marketing strategies
Protection from malicious social-media accounts and online fraudsters
Fully transparent data flow, with the possibility to inspect every element separately
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